Achieve New Updated (September) Microsoft 70-491 Examination Questions Topic 1, Scenario 1


Topic 1, Scenario 1



Fabrikam, Inc. is a non-profit organization that manages three museums located in Miami, New York, and Seattle. All of the museums offer Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet access to visitors.


Existing Environment

General Information

Fabrikam provides visitors with two pamphlets as they enter each museum. One pamphlet contains pictures of the different paintings in the museum. The other pamphlet contains pictures of the sculptures in the museum.

Visitors are encouraged to take pictures of the sculptures and the paintings.


Each museum has a kiosk that provides information to visitors about the exhibits. The kiosk uses a data access component that only runs on an x86 processor.



Business Goals

Fabrikam plans to provide a more interactive experience for the visitors. Fabrikam purchases 200 Windows 8.1 RT devices for each museum. Fabrikam plans to develop an app to replace the paper pamphlets.

Fabrikam plans to minimize development effort and reuse the data access component, if possible.


General Requirements

Fabrikam identifies the following requirements for the app:


clip_image002The app must be available from the Windows App store.

clip_image002[1]The app must be available to devices that run Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT.

clip_image002[2]If a user switches to a different app, the new app must enter a Not Running state after 10 seconds.

clip_image002[3]The app must provide users with the ability to share pictures with other apps.

clip_image002[4]Users must be able to search for paintings and sculptures by name from within the app.

clip_image002[5]When users type in search terms, the app must present users with a suggested list of painting and sculpture names.


Page Requirements

The app must have four pages: a main page, a group detail page, an item detail page, and a capture photo page.


Main Page:

The main page must display grouped items.

Once the users tap on a group on the main page, the app must open the group detail page.

The main page must display all of the items for a selected group.


Group Detail Page:

The group detail page must have two groups, named Paintings and Sculptures, and must display a list of the paintings and sculptures in the museum with the name and a small image of the item.

The group detail page must display a list of all the items in the group. The list must contain the image and the name of the item.

The app must have a second view of the group details that displays the name, a description, and an image of each item.

Users must be able to use the mouse wheel or pinch gestures to move between the two views of the group detail page.


Item Detail Page:

The item detail page must display the name, a full description, and a large image of the item.

When the user taps the image of an item on the item detail page, an element named FoundNotFoundFlyout must be displayed. The FoundNotFoundFlyout element will be declared in the Resources section of the page.

As an alternative to tapping an image on the item detail page, users must be able to use a check gesture to mark the item as found.


Capture Photo Page:

A page named CapturePhoto will be created to capture and display pictures.

When a picture is taken, its path must be saved in an application setting property named picturePath.

Pictures must have an aspect ratio of 16 by 9.

As new pictures are taken, the app must update the app tile to show the current number of pictures taken.

A method named UpdatePictureCount will be called any time a new picture is saved. The method will take an integer parameter named pictureCount. The method will use NotificationExtensions library to handle updates.

The tile will have

a text block named outputText.





You need to write code to comply with the search requirements of the item detail page.


You have the following code:




Which code snippets should you insert in Target 1, Target 2, Target 3, and Target 4 to complete the code?


To answer, select the correct code snippet from each drop-down list in the answer area.




Correct Answer:






You need to recommend a solution to share images from the capture photo page.


You have the following code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)




Which code segments should you recommend inserting at lines 06 and 12?


To answer, drag the appropriate code segments to the correct locations. Each code segment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.




Correct Answer:




















You need to write code for the method that will be called when a user takes a picture. (Develop the solution by arranging the code snippets. You will need all of the code snippets.)




Correct Answer:



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