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Question No.121

Refer to the exhibit. Why is flash memory erased prior to upgrading the IOS image from the TFTP server?


  1. The router cannot verify that the Cisco IOS image currently in flash is valid.

  2. Flash memory on Cisco routers can contain only a single IOS image.

  3. Erasing current flash content is requested during the copy dialog.

  4. In order for the router to use the new image as the default, it must be the only IOS image in flash.

Correct Answer: C


During the copy process, the router asked quot;Erasing flash before copying? [confirm]quot; and the administrator confirmed (by pressing Enter) so the flash was deleted. Note: In this case, the flash has enough space to copy a new IOS without deleting the current one. The current IOS is deleted just because the administrator wants to do so. If the flash does not have enough space you will see an error message like this:

%Error copying tftp:// c1600-k8sy-mz.l23-16a.bin (Not enough space on device)

Question No.122

Two routers named Atlanta and Brevard are connected via their serial interfaces as illustrated,

but they are unable to communicate. The Atlanta router is known to have the correct configuration. Given the partial configurations, identify the fault on the Brevard router that is causing the lack of connectivity.


  1. incompatible IP address

  2. insufficient bandwidth

  3. incorrect subnet mask

  4. incompatible encapsulation

  5. link reliability too low

  6. IPCP closed

Correct Answer: D


The correct explanation should be that the Atlanta router is using HDLC while the Brevard is using PPP. These need to match on both ends.

Question No.123

Which three elements must be used when you configure a router interface for VLAN trunking? (Choose three.)

  1. one physical interface for each subinterface

  2. one IP network or subnetwork for each subinterface

  3. a management domain for each subinterface

  4. subinterface encapsulation identifiers that match VLAN tags

  5. one subinterface per VLAN

  6. subinterface numbering that matches VLAN tags

Correct Answer: BDE


This scenario is commonly called a router on a stick. A short, well written article on this operation can be found here: http://www.thebryantadvantage.com/RouterOnAStickCCNACertificationExamTutorial.htm

Question No.124

Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the entire network topology is shown, what is the operational status of the interfaces of R2 as indicated by the command output shown?


  1. One interface has a problem.

  2. Two interfaces have problems.

  3. The interfaces are functioning correctly.

  4. The operational status of the interfaces cannot be determined from the output shown.

Correct Answer: C


The output shown shows normal operational status of the router#39;s interfaces. Serial0/0 is down because it has been disabled using the quot;shutdownquot; command.

Question No.125

Which command would you use on a Cisco router to verify the Layer 3 path to a host?

  1. tracert address

  2. traceroute address

  3. telnet address

  4. ssh address

    Correct Answer: B


    In computing, traceroute is a computer network diagnostic tool for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol (IP) network. The history of the route is recorded as the round-trip times of the packets received from each successive host (remote node) in the route (path); the sum of the mean times in each hop indicates the total time spent to establish the connection. Traceroute proceeds unless all (three) sent packets are lost more than twice, then the connection is lost and the route cannot be evaluated. Ping, on the other hand, only computes the final round-trip times from the destination point.

    Question No.126

    Refer to the exhibit. If the router Cisco returns the given output and has not had its router ID set manually, what value will OSPF use as its router ID?






    Correct Answer: D


    If a router-id is not configured manually in the OSPF routing process the router will automatically configure a router-id determined from the highest IP address of a logical interface (loopback interface) or the highest IP address of an active interface. If more than one loopback interfaces are configured, the router will compare the IP addresses of each of the interfaces and choose the highest IP address from the loopbacks.

    Question No.127

    Which command would you configure globally on a Cisco router that would allow you to view directly connected Cisco devices?

    1. enable cdp

    2. cdp enable

    3. cdp run

    4. run cdp

Correct Answer: C


CDP is enabled on Cisco routers by default. If you prefer not to use the CDP capability, disable it with the no cdp run command. In order to reenable CDP, use the cdp run command in global configuration mode. The quot;cdp enablequot; command is an interface command, not global.

Question No.128

Which command displays CPU utilization?

  1. show protocols

  2. show process

  3. show system

  4. show version

Correct Answer: B


The quot;show processquot; (in fact, the full command is quot;show processesquot;) command gives us lots of

information about each process but in fact it is not easy to read. Below shows the output of this command (some next pages are omitted).


A more friendly way to check the CPU utilization is the command quot;show processes cpu historyquot;, in which the total CPU usage on the router over a period of time: one minute, one hour, and 72 hours are clearly shown:


The Y-axis of the graph is the CPU utilization.

The X-axis of the graph is the increment within the period displayed in the graph. For example, from the last graph (last 72 hours) we learn that the highest CPU utilization within 72 hours is 37% about six hours ago.

Question No.129

What are two enhancements that OSPFv3 supports over OSPFv2? (Choose two.)

  1. It requires the use of ARP.

  2. It can support multiple IPv6 subnets on a single link.

  3. It supports up to 2 instances of OSPFv3 over a common link.

  4. It routes over links rather than over networks.

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.130

Refer to the exhibit. The technician wants to upload a new IOS in the router while keeping the existing IOS. What is the maximum size of an IOS file that could be loaded if the original IOS is also kept in flash?


  1. 3 MB

  2. 4 MB

  3. 5 MB

  4. 7 MB

  5. 8 MB

Correct Answer: B


In this example, there are a total of 8 MB, but 3.8 are being used already, so another file as large as 4MB can be loaded in addition to the original file.

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