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Question No.191

What will happen if a private IP address is assigned to a public interface connected to an ISP?

  1. Addresses in a private range will not be routed on the Internet backbone.

  2. Only the ISP router will have the capability to access the public network.

  3. The NAT process will be used to translate this address to a valid IP address.

  4. A conflict of IP addresses happens, because other public routers can use the same range.

Correct Answer: A


Private RFC 1918 IP addresses are meant to be used by organizations locally within their own network only, and cannot be used globally for Internet use.

Question No.192

How many bits are contained in each field of an IPv6 address?

A. 24







Correct Answer: D


An IPv6 address is represented as eight groups of four hexadecimal digits, each group representing 16 bits (two octets). The groups are separated by colons (:). An example of an IPv6 address is 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334.

Question No.193

How does a DHCP server dynamically assign IP addresses to hosts?

  1. Addresses are permanently assigned so that the host uses the same address at all times.

  2. Addresses are assigned for a fixed period of time. At the end of the period, a new request for an address must be made, and another address is then assigned.

  3. Addresses are leased to hosts. A host will usually keep the same address by periodically contacting the DHCP server to renew the lease.

  4. Addresses are allocated after a negotiation between the server and the host to determine the length of the agreement.

Correct Answer: C


DHCP works in a client/server mode and operates like any other client/server relationship. When a PC connects to a DHCP server, the server assigns or leases an IP address to that PC. The PC connects to the network with that leased IP address until the lease expires. The host must contact the DHCP server periodically to extend the lease. This lease mechanism ensures that hosts that move or power off do not hold onto addresses that they do not need. The DHCP server returns these addresses to the address pool and reallocates them as necessary.

Question No.194

A network administrator enters the following command on a router: logging trap 3. What are three message types that will be sent to the Syslog server? (Choose three.)

  1. informational

  2. emergency

  3. warning

  4. critical

  5. debug

  6. error

Correct Answer: BDF


The Message Logging is divided into 8 levels as listed below:

Level Keyword Description 0

emergencies System is unusable 1


Immediate action is needed



Critical conditions exist 3


Error conditions exist 4


Warning conditions exist 5


Normal, but significant, conditions exist 6

informational Informational messages 7

debugging Debugging messages

If you specify a level with the quot;logging trap levelquot; command, that level and all the higher levels will be logged. For example, by using the quot;logging trap 3 command, all the logging of emergencies, alerts, critical, and errors, will be logged.

Question No.195

On which options are standard access lists based?

  1. destination address and wildcard mask

  2. destination address and subnet mask

  3. source address and subnet mask

  4. source address and wildcard mask

Correct Answer: D


Standard ACL#39;s only examine the source IP address/mask to determine if a match is made. Extended ACL#39;s examine the source and destination address, as well as port information.

Question No.196

The network administrator needs to address seven LANs. RIP version 1 is the only routing protocol in use on the network and subnet 0 is not being used. What is the maximum number of usable IP addresses that can be supported on each LAN if the organization is using one class C address block?













Correct Answer: C


Since there is one class C network that means 256 total IP addresses. Since we need 7 LAN

blocks and we cannot use the first one (subnet 0) we take 256/8=32 hosts. However, since we need to reserve the network and broadcast addresses for each of these subnets, only 30 total IP addresses are usable.

Question No.197

Which IPv6 address is the all-router multicast group?

A. FF02::1

B. FF02::2

C. FF02::3

D. FF02::4

Correct Answer: B


Well-known IPv6 multicast addresses: Address

Description ff02::1

All nodes on the local network segment ff02::2

All routers on the local network segment

Question No.198

You are working in a data center environment and are assigned the address range You are asked to develop an IP addressing plan to allow the maximum number of subnets with as many as 30 hosts each. Which IP address range meets these requirements?






Correct Answer: D


Each subnet has 30 hosts lt; 32 = 25 so we need a subnet mask which has at least 5 bit 0s -gt; /27. Also the question requires the maximum number of subnets (which minimum the number of hosts-per-subnet) so /27 is the best choice.

Question No.199

What is known as quot;one-to-nearestquot; addressing in IPv6?

  1. global unicast

  2. anycast

  3. multicast

  4. unspecified address

Correct Answer: B


IPv6 Anycast addresses are used for one-to-nearest communication, meaning an Anycast address is used by a device to send data to one specific recipient (interface) that is the closest out of a group of recipients (interfaces).

Question No.200

Refer to the exhibit. What statement is true of the configuration for this network?


  1. The configuration that is shown provides inadequate outside address space for translation of the number of inside addresses that are supported.

  2. Because of the addressing on interface FastEthernet0/1, the Serial0/0 interface address will not support the NAT configuration as shown.

  3. The number 1 referred to in the ip nat inside source command references access-list number 1.

  4. ExternalRouter must be configured with static routes to networks

Correct Answer: C


The quot;list 1 refers to the access-list number 1.

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