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Question No.81

A switch is configured with all ports assigned to VLAN 2 with full duplex FastEthernet to segment existing departmental traffic. What is the effect of adding switch ports to a new VLAN on the switch?

  1. More collision domains will be created.

  2. IP address utilization will be more efficient.

  3. More bandwidth will be required than was needed previously.

  4. An additional broadcast domain will be created.

Correct Answer: D


Each VLAN creates its own broadcast domain. Since this is a full duplex switch, each port is a separate collision domain.

Question No.82

VLAN 3 is not yet configured on your switch. What happens if you set the switchport access vlan 3 command in interface configuration mode?

  1. The command is rejected.

  2. The port turns amber.

  3. The command is accepted and the respective VLAN is added to vlan.dat.

  4. The command is accepted and you must configure the VLAN manually.

Correct Answer: C


The quot;switchport access vlan 3quot; will put that interface as belonging to VLAN 3 while also updated the VLAN database automatically to include VLAN 3.

Question No.83

Refer to the exhibit. Switch port FastEthernet 0/24 on ALSwitch1 will be used to create an IEEE 802.1Q- compliant trunk to another switch. Based on the output shown, what is the reason the trunk does not form, even though the proper cabling has been attached?


  1. VLANs have not been created yet.

  2. An IP address must be configured for the port.

  3. The port is currently configured for access mode.

  4. The correct encapsulation type has not been configured.

  5. The quot;no shutdownquot; command has not been entered for the port.

Correct Answer: C


According to the output shown the switchport (layer 2 Switching) is enabled and the port is in access mode. To make a trunk link the port should configured as a trunk port, not an access port, by using the following command: (Config-if)#switchport mode trunk.

Question No.84

Cisco Catalyst switches CAT1 and CAT2 have a connection between them using ports FA0/13. An 802.1Q trunk is configured between the two switches. On CAT1, VLAN 10 is chosen as native, but on CAT2 the native VLAN is not specified. What will happen in this scenario?

  1. 802.1Q giants frames could saturate the link.

  2. VLAN 10 on CAT1 and VLAN 1 on CAT2 will send untagged frames.

  3. A native VLAN mismatch error message will appear.

  4. VLAN 10 on CAT1 and VLAN 1 on CAT2 will send tagged frames.

Correct Answer: C


A quot;native VLAN mismatchquot; error will appear by CDP if there is a native VLAN mismatch on an 802.1Q link. quot;VLAN mismatchquot; can cause traffic from one vlan to leak into another vlan.

Question No.85

Refer to the exhibit. All switch ports are assigned to the correct VLANs, but none of the hosts connected to SwitchA can communicate with hosts in the same VLAN connected to SwitchB. Based on the output shown, what is the most likely problem?


  1. The access link needs to be configured in multiple VLANs.

  2. The link between the switches is configured in the wrong VLAN.

  3. The link between the switches needs to be configured as a trunk.

  4. VTP is not configured to carry VLAN information between the switches.

  5. Switch IP addresses must be configured in order for traffic to be forwarded between the switches.

Correct Answer: C


In order to pass traffic from VLANs on different switches, the connections between the switches must be configured as trunk ports.

Question No.86

What is the function of the command switchport trunk native vlan 999 on a Cisco Catalyst switch?

  1. It creates a VLAN 999 interface.

  2. It designates VLAN 999 for untagged traffic.

  3. It blocks VLAN 999 traffic from passing on the trunk.

  4. It designates VLAN 999 as the default for all unknown tagged traffic.

Correct Answer: B


Configuring the Native VLAN for Untagged Traffic

A trunk port configured with 802.1Q tagging can receive both tagged and untagged traffic. By default, the switch forwards untagged traffic in the native VLAN configured for the port.

The native VLAN is VLAN 1 by default.

Question No.87

Refer to the exhibit. Given this output for SwitchC, what should the network administrator#39;s next action be?


  1. Check the trunk encapsulation mode for SwitchC#39;s fa0/1 port.

  2. Check the duplex mode for SwitchC#39;s fa0/1 port.

  3. Check the duplex mode for SwitchA#39;s fa0/2 port.

  4. Check the trunk encapsulation mode for SwitchA#39;s fa0/2 port.

Correct Answer: C


Here we can see that this port is configured for full duplex, so the next step would be to check the duplex setting of the port on the other switch. A mismatched trunk encapsulation would not result in input errors and CRC errors.

Question No.88

Which parameter or parameters are used to calculate OSPF cost in Cisco routers?

  1. Bandwidth

  2. Bandwidth and Delay

  3. Bandwidth, Delay, and MTU

  4. Bandwidth, MTU, Reliability, Delay, and Load

Correct Answer: A


The well-known formula to calculate OSPF cost is Cost = 108 / Bandwidth

Question No.89

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the exhibited routing table, how will packets from a host within the LAN be forwarded to192.168.10.1?


  1. The router will forward packets from R3 to R2 to R1.

  2. The router will forward packets from R3 to R1 to R2.

  3. The router will forward packets from R3 to R2 to R1 AND from R3 to R1.

  4. The router will forward packets from R3 to R1.

Correct Answer: C


From the routing table we learn that network is learned via 2 equal-cost paths ( amp; -gt; traffic to this network will be load-balancing.

Question No.90

Refer to the exhibit. Which of these statements correctly describes the state of the switch once the boot process has been completed?


  1. As FastEthernet0/12 will be the last to come up, it will be blocked by STP.

  2. Remote access management of this switch will not be possible without configuration change.

  3. More VLANs will need to be created for this switch.

  4. The switch will need a different IOS code in order to support VLANs and STP.

Correct Answer: B


Notice the line, which says quot;Interface VLAN1, changed state to administratively downquot;. This shows that VLAN1 is shut down. Hence remote management of this switch is not possible unless VLAN1 is brought back up. Since VLAN1 is the only interface shown in the output, you have to assume that no other VLAN interface has been configured with an IP Address.

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