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Question No.81

In the current RF environment, the noise floor is -95 dBm. A tablet needs an SNR of 25 dB to transmit at the required speed. What must the RSSI cell edge be to meet the required SNR?

  1. -120 dBm

  2. -90 dBm

  3. -70 dBm

  4. -60 dBm

  5. -50 dBm

Correct Answer: C

Question No.82

A customer has asked for the proper port configuration to allow for LAG on a Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller to a Cisco IOS switch. Which EtherChannel mode should be used on the switch to allow for the WLC to connect?

  1. on

  2. auto

  3. desirable

  4. passive

  5. active

Correct Answer: A

Question No.83

When deploying a Cisco Cloud Wireless Infrastructure, what two destination ports must be open? (Choose two.)

  1. TCP/5246

  2. UDP/5246

  3. TCP/5247

  4. UDP/5247

  5. TCP/7351

  6. UDP/7351

  7. TCP/7734

  8. UDP/7734

Correct Answer: FG

Question No.84

Which two algorithms are available in RRM? (Choose two.)

  1. coverage-hole detection

  2. dynamic channel assignment

  3. RSSI normalizer

  4. transmitting channel expander

  5. rogue detection

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.85

An engineer assists a user in configuring an Android device for authentication to an IEEE 802.1x EAP WLAN with PEAPv1. The Phase 2 authentication should be configured as which option?

  1. LEAP

  2. MSCHAPv2

  3. TLS

  4. TTLS

Correct Answer: B

Question No.86

Which two pieces of information are needed for the wireless client to connect to the wireless network? (Choose two.)

  1. SSID

  2. security settings

  3. channel number

  4. AP name

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.87

What is the IEEE name for a group of access points that are connected by using the Ethernet?

  1. ESS

  2. BSS

  3. IBSS

  4. ISS

Correct Answer: A

Question No.88

Which wireless topology supports roaming?

  1. IBSS

  2. BSS

  3. ESS

  4. bridging

Correct Answer: C

Question No.89

Following the deployment of a wireless network for data and voice services, an engineer is to validate the coverage. Which type of survey is required to ensure coverage?

  1. passive

  2. active

  3. fingerprinting

  4. calibrating

Correct Answer: A

Question No.90

An engineer is trying to convert the IP Address of the wireless controller to amend DHCP Option 43 configuration on the DHCP server. What mathematical format must the IP address of the Wireless controller be converted to in order to function correctly?

  1. Hexadecimal

  2. Binary

  3. Decimal

  4. ASCII

Correct Answer: A

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