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Question No.61

Which feature must be enabled for Cisco TrustSec FC Link Encryption to work on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch?

  1. crypto IKE

  2. port security

  3. LDAP

  4. FC-SP

Correct Answer: D

Question No.62

Which configuration is specific to Cisco TelePresence System seed devices?

  1. radius server radius-server-name

  2. aaa session-id common

  3. radius-server vsa send authentication

  4. aaa new-model

Correct Answer: A

Question No.63

Which command ensures that a learned MAC address is stored within NVRAM?

  1. switchport port-security mac-address address [vlan vlan-ID]

  2. switchport port-security

  3. switchport port-security mac-address sticky

  4. feature port-security

Correct Answer: C

Question No.64

How does an FCoE end node acquire its FCoE MAC address?

  1. server-provided MAC address

  2. Fibre Channel name server

  3. fabric-provided MAC address

  4. FIP proxy

Correct Answer: C


The VN_Port is assigned a fabric-provided Mac address (FPMA) that is built by concatenating a 24-bit FCoE MAC address prefix (FC-MAP), ranging from 0x0E-FC-00 to 0x0E-FC-FF, to the 24- bit FCID. Being able to build a unique MAC address for the VN_Port directly from its FCID saves the switch from having to maintain a table that associates FCID and MAC addresses.

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/solutions/Enterprise/Data_Center/UF_FCoE_final.html

Question No.65

Which Cisco MDS feature needs to be enabled for Cisco TrustSec FC Link Encryption to work?

  1. feature FC-TSLE

  2. feature Trust-Sec

  3. feature FC-SP

  4. feature ESP

  5. feature DHCHAP

Correct Answer: C

Question No.66

Which situation must you consider when you add a remote RADIUS server to a Cisco Nexus device?

  1. If RADIUS authentication fails, the device falls back to local authentication automatically.

  2. If RADIUS authentication fails, the user is denied access with no further authentication checks.

  3. If the RADIUS server is unreachable, users are unable to log in.

  4. If the RADIUS server is unreachable, all users are given access with the default role.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.67

Which statement about the MPLS feature set is true?

  1. It is not license dependent.

  2. It can be installed from any VDC.

  3. It can be enabled only in the default VDC.

  4. It must be installed from the default VDC.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.68

Which three options are capabilities of the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Supervisor Module? (Choose three.)

  1. hardware forwarding on the supervisor module

  2. fully decoupled control plane and data plane with no forwarding on the supervisor module

  3. Sup2 requires Cisco NX-OS 5.1 or later.

  4. Sup2 requires Cisco NX-OS 6.1 or later.

  5. Sup2E supports 8 1 VDC with the N7K-VDC1K9 license per chassis.

  6. Sup2 supports 8 1 VDCs with the N7K-VDC1K9 license per chassis.

Correct Answer: BDE

Question No.69

Which two statements about SAN zoning on Cisco Nexus switches are true? (Choose two.)

  1. Zoning is enforced by examining the destination ID field.

  2. Devices can only belong to one zone.

  3. Only one zone set can be activated at any time.

  4. A zone can only be a member one zone set.

  5. Zoning must be administered from the primary SAN switch in the fabric.

  6. Zone configuration changes are nondisruptive.

Correct Answer: CF


A zone set can be activated or deactivated as a single entity across all switches in the fabric. Only one zone set can be activated at any time. If zoning is not activated, all devices are members of the default zone. If zoning is activated, any device that is not in an active zone (a zone that is part of an active zone set) is a member of the default zone. Zoning can be administered from any switch in the fabric. When you activate a zone (from any switch), all switches in the fabric receive the active zone set. Additionally, full zone sets are distributed to all switches in the fabric, if this feature is enabled in the source switch.

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/storage/san_switches/mds9000/sw/san- os/quick/guide/qcg_zones.html

Question No.70

Which task must be done before a zone set takes effect?

  1. Add a member to the zone.

  2. Enter the exit config t command.

  3. Enter the copy running-config startup-config command.

  4. Enter the zoneset activate name lt;zone-namegt; vsan lt;vsan-#gt; command.

Correct Answer: D

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