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Question No.131

What need to be added to the R1 configuration to allow R2 be the active in case of R1 failure? (Choose two)

(There is a diagram showing one switch connected with 2x links to 2x HSRP routers (R1 and R2). They are connected to two user computers. The HSRP configuration for R1 and R2 is the same.

  1. ip track 50 ip route …

  2. ip track 50 interface f0\1 line-protocol (or ip routing)

  3. track 50 decrement 20

  4. track 50 shutdown

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.132

What should be implemented to prevent exceeding the 50mb allowable bandwidth of internet circuit?


  1. policing

  2. shaping

  3. CIR

  4. rate-limit

Correct Answer: B

Question No.133

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must provide a redesign for the distribution and access layers of the network. Which correction allows for a more efficient design?


  1. Change the link between Distribution Switch A and Distribution Switch B to be a routed link.

  2. Reconfigure the Distribution Switch A to become the HSRP Active.

  3. Create an EtherChannel link between Distribution Switch A and Distribution Switch B.

  4. Add a link between Access Switch A and Access Switch B.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.134

Which security mechanism can you implement to protect the OSPFquot; information that a router receives?

  1. privilege 15 credentials

  2. administrator username and password authentication

  3. RADIUS authentication

  4. cryptographic authentication

Correct Answer: D

Question No.135

An engineer is designing a network using RSTP. Several devices on the network support only legacy STP. Which outcome occurs?

  1. RSTP and STP choose the protocol with the best performance.

  2. RSTP and STP interoperate and fast convergence is achieved.

  3. RSTP and STP are not compatible and legacy ports error disable.

  4. RSTP and STP interoperate, but the fast convergence is not used.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.136

Which Dual stack preferred protocol when configured?

  1. IPV6

  2. IPV4

  3. IPX

Correct Answer: A

Question No.137

An organization is creating a detailed QoS plan that limits bandwidth to specific rates. Which three parameters can be configured when attempting to police traffic within the network? (Choose three)

  1. Conforming

  2. Violating

  3. Bursting

  4. Peak information rate

  5. Committed information rate

  6. Exceeding

  7. Shaping rate

Correct Answer: CDE

Question No.138

Which two options describe how Taboo contracts differ from regular contracts in Cisco ACI? (Choose two)

  1. Taboo contract entries are looked up with higher priority than entries in regular contracts

  2. Taboo contract entries are looked up with lower priority than entries in regular contracts.

  3. They are not associated with one EPG

  4. They are not associated with EPGs

  5. Taboo contract entries are looked up based on administrator configured priority

  6. They are associated with pair of EPGs

Correct Answer: AF


There may be times when the ACI administrator might need to deny traffic that is allowed by another contract.

Taboos are a special type of contract that an ACI administrator can use to deny specific traffic that would otherwise be allowed by another contract. Taboos can be used to drop traffic matching a pattern (any EPG, a specific EPG, matching a filter, and so forth). Taboo rules are applied in the hardware before the rules of regular contracts are applied. Taboo contracts are not recommended as part of the ACI best practices but they can be used to transition from traditional networking to ACI. To imitate the traditional networking concepts, an quot;allow-all-trafficquot; contract can be applied, with taboo contracts configured to restrict certain types of traffic.quot;

Question No.139

Refer to the exhibit. A customer wants to use HSRP as a First Hop Redundancy Protocol. Both routers are currently running and all interfaces are active. Which factor determines which router becomes the active HSRP device?


  1. the router with the highest MAC address for the respective group

  2. the router with the highest IP address for the respective group

  3. the router that boots up last

  4. the router with the highest interface bandwidth for the respective group

Correct Answer: B

Question No.140

Which of the following facts must be considered when designing for IP telephony within an Enterprise Campus network?

A. Because the IP phone is a three-port switch, IP telephony extends the network edge, impacting


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