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Question No.21

After a corporate merger, an IT manager must deliver a seamless experience on a multihypervisor environment. Which Cisco solution accomplishes this goal?

  1. UCS Manager

  2. Prime Infrastructure

  3. Nexus 9500

  4. UCS Director

Correct Answer: D

Question No.22

A cloud architect is designing an automated provisioning solution for a private cloud. The disk format for provisioned VMware virtual machines must allow for the fastest possible provisioning times. Which disk format satisfies this requirement?

  1. Lazy thick random

  2. Eager Zeroed

  3. Lazy Zeroes

  4. Dynamic

  5. Fixed

Correct Answer: C

Question No.23

Which two statements about designing an application stack using Stack Designer are true? (Choose two.)

  1. Using Stack Designer, application stack services are created by removing the application component in containers.

  2. Using the Stack Designer module in the prime service catalog, the application stacks can be designed as a template and published as orderable services in the Service Catalog storefront.

  3. When an application template order is completed, all provisioned applications are displayed in My Stuff gt;Designer Template.

  4. The Application Stack-as-a-Service feature enables you to design Product-as-a-Service templates and services.

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.24

Which action can an end user accomplish by using the self-service portal in Cisco UCS Director?

  1. Manage multiple Cisco UCS domains

  2. Provision a storage LUN

  3. Monitor Cisco UCS Performance

  4. Request organizational resources

Correct Answer: D

Question No.25


Drag the actions on the left to the order on the right that they must be completed in to design an application stack.


Correct Answer:


Question No.26

Which benefit is realized by deploying a hosted cloud infrastructure on Cisco ACI?

  1. multitenancy and context-aware workflows

  2. built on OpenFlow for full ecosystem integration

  3. software-only solution built on commodity hardware

  4. created in partnership with VMware for tight integration with NSX

Correct Answer: A

Question No.27

A cloud administrator is considering deep packet inspection to secure the cloud infrastructure. Which three statements about DPI are true? (Choose three.)

  1. The use of DPI makes it possible to find, identify, classify, reroute, or block packets with specific data or code payloads.

  2. DPI does not require updates and revisions to remain optimally effective.

  3. DPI is an advanced method of packet filtering that functions at the application layer of the OSI.

  4. DPI examines only packet headers.

  5. DPI is essential in protecting the cloud against malicious threats such as web exploits, zeroday attacks, data exfiltration, and malware-based botnets.

  6. DPI can increase computer speed because it decreases the burden on the processor.

Correct Answer: ACE

Question No.28

A customer running a fully virtual FlexPod private cloud wants to implement a scalable design

that maintains application availability, efficiency, and the ability to load balance workloads across multiple data centers. Which server virtualization technology accomplishes this result?

  1. high availability

  2. backup and recovery

  3. disaster recovery

  4. workload mobility

  5. disaster recovery system

Correct Answer: D

Question No.29

Which two product configurations are provided by Cisco Intercloud Fabric architecture? (Choose two.)

  1. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Business

  2. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Providers

  3. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Public clouds

  4. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Hybrid clouds

  5. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Private clouds

Correct Answer: AB


The Cisco Intercloud Fabric architecture provides two product configurations to address the following two consumption models:

Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Providers

Question No.30

An administrator must authorize an order submitted by an end user in PSC. The Authorizations option does not appear in the Order Management navigation bar. Which statement describes the cause of this issue?

  1. The administrator must edit the settings in the service request portal

  2. The administrator should be authorizing the order through Cisco UCS Director requisition portal

  3. The administrator does not have the privilege to review or authorize service requests

  4. The Order Management navigation bar is hidden by default in PSC

Correct Answer: C


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