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Question No.491

What does a profile control?

  1. Tasks that users can perform on records they access

  2. Relationship between two objects

  3. View of records that users access

  4. Fields available for view in related lists

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.492

What are the three core building blocks of Security and Access in Salesforce?

  1. Profile Restriction

  2. Organization-wide Defaults

  3. Profiles

  4. Role Hierarchy

  5. Sharing

  6. Chatter Groups

Correct Answer: BDE

Question No.493

Record type picklist filtering applies to dependent picklists.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Answer: A

Question No.494

Which objects can be stored in a folder?

  1. Emails

  2. Documents

  3. Dashboards

  4. Reports

Correct Answer: BCD

Question No.495

Which Salesforce editions support Sandbox?

  1. Unlimited

  2. Professional

  3. Contact Manager

  4. Group

  5. Developer

  6. Enterprise

Correct Answer: AF

Question No.496

What happens when you delete an object that is related to a junction object by a lookup relationship?

  1. The junction object is deleted

  2. The related field in the junction object is deleted

  3. The master records are deleted

  4. The intersection object is deleted

Correct Answer: B

Question No.497

Which of the following Collaboration Cloud Enhancements Features are automatically visible to all users after Winter 11 and no setup is required?

  1. Free Chatter Users

  2. Chatter Search

  3. Chatter Invitations

  4. Files Tab

  5. Using Chatter Filters

  6. View Chatter Feeds

Correct Answer: BDE

Question No.498

Opportunity products can be linked in a Lookup Relationship:

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Answer: B

Question No.499

Which of the following statements about a user record are true?

  1. Each has its own unique username.

  2. Each has its own username which is not necessarily unique.

  3. Both active and inactive users use license.

  4. Each user must be associated with a profile.

  5. Some users are not associated with any Role.

Correct Answer: ADE

Question No.500

A user who has access to formula field can reference fields to which he or she doesn#39;t have access to allowing him or her to view restricted data.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Answer: A

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